Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things I'm Loving Now

Yes, spring is coming, my friends.

The days are getting longer. The sun in making a more frequent appearance. But to bide the time until I see the first crocus flower bloom outside my back door, here are a few things I simply love.

• A smile so wide everyone wonders what you're up to.

• Leftover Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

• Hunting for treasures and bargains. Combine both in one shopping spree, and I'm deliriously happy.

• The trend in fashion toward flowers adorning everything.
––This one has that "Oh, I just threw this on" carefree, casual look about it.
––I'm sad when flower corsages go out of style, and rejoice when they're back in again. This is full bloom fun and crazy beautiful.

• The special knack my little boy has for delivering a compliment that stretches wildly beyond anyone else's ability to make me feel like I'm walking on air.

• Collage artists who are catching my attention:

Dolan Geiman

LuAnne Payne

Allison Strine

• Marion Cotiallard's performance in "Nine".

––This is chopped up because it's been made into a music video. I wish I could find the whole scene from the movie, but it's a bawdy jazz number that I think every woman feels like performing at least once in her life.

• A certain shade of blue. It has a touch of purple. Most would call it periwinkle. I love color -- vibrant colors that communicate emotion. Fiery red, energetic yellow, soothing green, electric blue all have their place and time. I think that when I'm completely at rest, I am periwinkle.

Live in full color, and celebrate the coming of spring.