Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank You, Spring Breeze

There is a moment of the day (if you're lucky) when the bustling activity stops suddenly. The mind clears. The sound of birds chirping for rain can be heard above the din of life. A spring gust forces itself in through an open window, making the curtains dance, and brings with it...... wait, that's an old familiar scent...... Lilacs!

Usually it's Mother's Day weekend when I'm scrambling to fill a vase brimming over with lilacs from the bushes out front. Here we are -- one week early -- and the lavender beauties are in full bloom.

Stop everything. Find scissors. Grab a hammer (to pound the cut ends with so they fray and will take in enough water to last a little longer in the vase). Scurry out to cut a small handful of the most open lovely blooms. Pound. Old McCoy vase. Water. Ta-Da!!!! (The BIG vase spilling over with lilacs will come; this merely satisfies the momentary craving and happies up my afternoon.)

Wish I had a "Scratch-N-Sniff" feature on this blog.