Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set.........

It has been an artsy-craftsy extravaganza the last six weeks, and low and behold, it's almost Christmas. My usual holiday pattern of vendor shows and craft fairs carry me through November to the first weekend of December. Then I tuck away all the craft supplies and focus on the holidays with the family.

This year, not so much. There's the AD/HD with all things creative. And then, there's........ the opening of my sister Melissa's new studio this weekend.

After visiting Melissa's Rapt in Maille booth at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago, the over-the-top excitement bubbled over and Mom and I descended upon poor Melissa, whether she liked it or not. A snowstorm prevented us from helping spruce up the new studio space last weekend, so...... a mid-week trek downtown was in order.

Color me impressed! The studio is a lovely space.

Melissa has carved out a spot to display Mom's "Twisted Tines" windchimes and my folksy snowmen, too.

That's a windchime with the compulsory addition of greens. Mom set containers of greenery all around the studio, too.

My snowmen canvas panels are taking shape on Melissa's workbench.

The opening reception is less than 24 hours away. There's still a frenzy of last minute details. Sort of intoxicated with pride over Melissa's latest accomplishment.

Join us for a glass of bubbly and help us celebrate.