Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Came, We Saw, We Have Blisters

Today was the last Antique and Flea Market of the season at the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, WI. So I decided to ignore my overgrown garden and piles of laundry and meet up with my Mom to do what we do best.... junque-ing.

Since two sets of eyes are better than one, together we can do an adequate job of hunting down our treasures. I look for vintage jewelry pieces and old buttons I can repurpose into new wearables and art forms. She looks for silverware and old silver tea serving sets she masterfully gives a new life as wind chimes.

We stopped by a few tried-and-true vendors. We saw Candyce Martens, of -- she used to have a fab little store in our small town and we miss her. But we're glad she's still creating! Click through and take a look at her art and the altered jewelry, which is quite amazing.

Then we ran into Catherine Grunewald, my mother's folk artist friend and -- well, let's just say you get the two of those women in one place, hold onto your hats..... Cathy introduced us to our favorite vendor of the day, Doug the Silverware Guy.

He had LOTS of what we were looking for.

Mom needed a trip to the car to unload after that purchase.

There were lots of odds and ends throughout the afternoon. My favorite: the folk art rooster. Really wanted to bring him home to strut his stuff in my garden -- still mad for talking myself out of it.

But I did settle on a sweet little firefly. Can't you feel the zap of electricity from his rear end? Bzzt.

Elkhorn, you never disappoint.

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