Monday, September 28, 2009

A Newfound Respect for Glass

My aunt and uncle from Grand Junction, Colorado were visiting this past week. I was introduced to photographs from their travels through Arizona and various parts of the west.

They visited a desert museum which features work by the artist Dale Chihuly. So I had to look more into this talented artist whose medium is blown glass. It is easy to marvel at the explosive color and intricate shapes that compose his glass sculpture. The interplay between art and nature are entwined in such a way it makes complete sense out of evolution and creation. But at the same time, you're delighted at his beautiful touches to supplement an already exquisite space.

There's Chihuly, an artist who is living out a passion for his craft and leaving quite a legacy for many generations to appreciate. Then there's my family tree of folks who appreciate "junque." Relatives who bend wire and bang metal into something other than its original shape, but still functional as art and craft. More about that in a later post.

Meanwhile, stop here and enjoy:

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